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In praise of slightly fat Nettop boxe...

In praise of slightly fat Nettop boxes
So what’s a Nettop? Think of the Netbook  PCs, inexpensive $350 low powered 10″ screen PCs that are convenient but not very fast. Take the screen and keyboard away and you’ve got a Nettop, except they have better quality, higher performance components, designed to a price point, but for longevity. Insert a 32 or 64GB SSD dri [...]

From the darkside to the light

From the darkside to the light
So here’s the problem… IT is run ragged, constantly, being reactive to the less than happy employees. IT doesn’t have time, money or energy to proactively develop plans to implement new ways to enhance the business. They are spending their time putting out fires. Is it any wonder than real firemen get a pension at 50; they must be too tired a [...]

Do it yourself NAS and SAN

Do it yourself NAS and SAN
IT people pursue a career in IT as they have an aptitude towards electronics and experimenting. And while most IT departments buy off the rack equipment that the manufacturer has built for a particular purpose, so want to save money by using the tried and true DIY process. And building your own SAN or NAS device is a project that could save a [...]

Have you been de-duped?

Have you been de-duped?
Deduping is a hot topic. But let me explain what it is. De-duping’s full name is deduplication, the process of eliminating duplicate file copies on expensive network storage. First the problem… as an experiment, think of a file name that you use frequently. Go to the search software that can scan your network, enter that name and [...]

The next wave – SSDs in your server’s...

The next wave – SSDs in your server’s future
Say bye, bye to rotational platters at least as far as the front line storage, SSDs are on the way to completely change the way your servers operate… and for the better. If you are planning to, or are using VMware  or Xen products the first thing you’ll need to do is find which SSDs are supported.  Once done, decide on how you wan [...]

Tales from the darkside

Tales from the darkside
Although this letter is fictitious, it reflects what we hear all of the time… “Sir: We have 250 desktops running a mix of Macintosh,  XP and Windows 7 PCs. We lease and rotate them every 3-4 years so we’re running reliable and uniform products for our employees. About 10% do video editing and design work, 5% use Macs, and th [...]
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